Reinaldo Arneiro, born 1925, was the founder of the company Ourivesaria Arneiro. Now aged 90, his second and third generations are continuing his legacy.

He left Cantanhede, the place where he was born, at age 19 towards a different life.

He took his bike, a green case with 200 g gold his father gave him to start his own business and hit the road cycling along the villages of central Portugal while blowing a whistle to announce his arrival.

In Malveira, São João das Lampas, Pêro Pinheiro and many other places Reinaldo Arneiro became famous due to several decades of travelled paths in close and permanent interaction with the dreams and the economic reality of the persons he daily met. Confidence and honour always made the difference.

The sales strategy was diversified and based in market sales, traditional fairs and also on a more personal basis, selling door to door.

Due the increasing need to set the trend and to create a market reference, Ourivesaria Arneiro finally established itself in the calm and beautiful Sintra, a cultural landscape classified by UNESCO as world heritage and a must see tourist attraction.

Past and present met when Reinaldo Arneiro, the founder, handed over to his son-in-law Joaquim Simplício.

With an engineer degree, Joaquim Simplício was the key element in the development and research towards modernization. Initially he was part of the sales team and worked on fairs. Later he became an effective presence in the shop, where he works for 38 years.

One of the main concerns of this follower was precisely to reach the balance between tradition and the required adaptations to the global market and customer evolution.

New types of customers require an adaptation to the new technologies as well to the communication circuits that dominate the contact flows between people nowadays.
Closely linked to this modernization process comes the energy of the third generation, always aiming to keep the tradition and the familiar cooperation.

The concepts Arneiro and Portuguese Familiar Tradition are the foundations of this business. However, modern times require new communication and interaction practices to deal with different public. To highlight the traditional and handcrafted through digital technology and social networks is this new generation main goal. Our daily inspiration arises from our will to innovate while keeping tradition.

Ourivesaria Arneiro is a showroom of dreams and unique experiences, connecting traditional products with design concepts and typologies in line with modernity.

Our concept´s update meant a new approach to our motto Feel the Tradition as well as a specialization in the trade of Filigree – the best heritage of the traditional portuguese goldsmithery – and the trade of a selection of great jewellry brands.

Visiting Ourivesaria Arneiro means above all to experience the culture, the rituals and the familiar tradition of this unique concept created in 1969 and built on the nobility of the key values that make us successful: confidence, honesty, customized service and premium products.