Focused on the keynote “Feel the Tradition”, ARNEIRO’S JEWELLERY is increasingly directing its business to the sale of filigree, the best heritage of traditional Portuguese goldsmith, together with a large selection of major Jewellery brands.

All this principles result in a unique experience for the client, connecting the legacy of the past, the elegance of the present and the magic of the future. Filigree is a goldsmith technique that consists of the combination of delicate, thin strands of gold or silver, applied to a frame of the same type of metal, drawing circular or spiral motifs. The origin of this ancient art in Portugal dates back to pre-Roman civilizations that inhabited the territory. However, its major evolution occurred from the 17th century.  This craft carried on until the present day, through small workshops located in the north of Portugal (Gondomar and Braga).

The greatest examples of this type of work are: the portuguese heart (earrings and pendants), “arrecada” earrings and “Viana” loops, Queen-style earrings, crosses and necklaces with “Minho” beads, as well as larger pieces such as religious items (eg: reliquaries) or ornamental sculptures (eg: portuguese caravel).

At ARNEIRO’S JEWELLERY you can find all these examples of traditional Portuguese jewellery in gold 19.2K (800‰), manually produced with the highest level of imagination, patience and craftsmanship.