Muraro Lorenzo Spa was born in 1975 from the intuition and enthusiasm of Lorenzo and Ivana Muraro, followed nowadays by their children Marta and Alberto.

The company, the pride of Made in Italy, presents its men’s jewelry collections on the market starting from the beginning: designers, in fact, transfer their ideas to paper, engineers transform immaterial to material, creating the first prototype and master goldsmiths complete the work by reproducing these jewels.

Barakà has always stood out for its men’s jewelry with a high technical and engineering content, finding inspiration in architectural elements, joints and movements combined with precious materials.

Barakà is a world made of style, research and innovation, aimed at men who seek precious jewelry with a distinctive luxury and recognisable design. Men’s jewelry, for example, necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks, wich are created with innovative materials, including ceramic, carbon fibre and aluminium, or steeped in history, such as 316L steel, and are skilfully combined with gold and diamonds, thanks to the avant-garde production and craftsmanship of master goldsmiths at Muraro Lorenzo Spa, who carefully make each piece by hand.