Liliana´s work is beyond shadow of a doubt, one of an artistic nature. What springs from the work of her skilled hands are unique art pieces, that anwer the primordial thirst for human crafted beauty and perfection.

Liliana always sets out from a fragment of reality that moves her… be it from the fauna or from the flora , a word, a gesture, an object or just a detail of an object…then her imagination will poetize shapes and colors, through a very skilled use of the materials. If silver and filligree are characteristic features of her work, it doesn´t stop there, she will mix them with diverse materials, such as enamel, wood, precious stone and ceramics.

The Highlights of her work are on finding someting else. Thus the preocuppation on an ergonomic level, aswell as freedom of use, make for the versability of many of her pieces, that unfold into many things, multiply, turn insideout, allowing a diversified usage, according to the soul´s mood of whoever is using them.

Jewelry is a world full of challenge therefore Liliana explores it thouroughly, aiming to create different details in each work she creates, in a personal aeshetic already well defined.