Topázio is a brand offering gold and silver products, owned by Ferreira Marques & Irmão, SA.

This family business was founded in 1874 in the historic city of Porto, Portugal, by Manuel José Ferreira Marques, and is still owned by its descendents.

The history, the knowledge, and the care in the manual work of noble materials began with the casting of gold wire 140 years ago by the hands of Manuel José Ferreira Marques.

Using all the knowledge acquired by manual labour in gold pieces, Topázio began working on the first pieces of silver in the 1920’s, but it was not until 1930’s that registered its first exclusive pieces.

Today, Topázio products combine a keen sense of detail and perfection with an old `savoir faire´ which is passed on from generation to generation, ensuring the continued production of high quality pieces.

There is a tímeless feeling associated to every piece, specialy to those who give the most importance to art, prestige, and manufacturing excelence. Who posesses a Topázio piece has not only an object, but all its memories.

Only through a continuous effort to improve the quality of Topázio peices and investment on design, was Topázio able to position itself as a lider brand within the European Silversmiths of premium products.